Welcome to the One-Page Tech Resume Service

Greetings and welcome to the One-Page Tech Resume service!

This service aims to help you to create a resume which is both short and effectively communicates the key points about you to whoever reads it. It aims to get rid of all the non-information only slowing readers down which is especially a problem when recruiters have a minute or so to read a single resume.

The inspiration comes from Gayle Laakmann McDowell's book Cracking the Coding Interview and her tips what a good resume should look like.

Hopefully you find the service helpful creating a good resume. If you'd like to support it, feel free to get in touch with improvement ideas or suggestions. Another way is to donate, which you can do with Bitcoins.

There will be an upcoming post describing how easy it is to use the service. To create your own one-page resume right now, just click the button below. Enjoy!