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Create a Good Resume

To show how easy it is to create a good resume this post will walk you through the steps and give a bit tips what to think about to get the best results.

The overall goal with your resume is to communicate your skills and experience. To do this effectively you need to focus on the stuff that matters and leave away everything else. Remember that tech recruiters might get hundreds of applications and they can only spend a short time per resume. Hence, it's important to quickly get across the key points about you.

Let's go through how to create a good resume for you using this service!

The edit resume URL is a permalink

This is your private URL that only you should use whenever you need to edit your resume. Hence, anyone who has this URL can edit the resume.

There is a second public URL you can share. More about this later.

Edit as if you would edit the real resume on paper

The idea is that the editing looks as close to the resulting PDF resume as possible: same font, same layout and everything. One of the key points to effectively communicating your resume is to provide all important information, but not more so that the resume is compact and focused.

One of the most important things are the achievements, which should focus on what you have accomplished, not what you have had as job description or what your team did. Tell what you have done that highlights both your soft and hard skills.

Email with permalinks sent to email address

Once you have entered your email address, an automatic email is sent with the permalinks for editing and getting the PDF resume.

Order the sections as you need

The default ordering of the sections can be changed using the "Up" and "Down" buttons on the left side of the paper.

Add optional sections if you need

Some sections like languages, (open-source) proejcts, awards and online presences you have are optional and something you can decide if you want to include. It is up to you to decide what to include that is important.

Use + button to add more items

It is possible to add for instance more languages by cicking the + button. The same goes for several other sections.

Newline is automatically a bullet point

For both achievements and skills you can freely type in sentences and put several items on the same line. A new line means this is a new bullet point. Please remember to utilize the line space well so that you rather use the full line length than a new line. Also avoid having a new line with only a few words. This is waste.

Get your resume as a PDF

Once you're ready with the resume you can let the service render it as a PDF. Just click the green button "Get Resume" on the bottom right of the resume.

This button uses another permalink that generates your resume as a PDF. It is not the same unique identifier as the one for the edit page so that you can share it or maybe publish it on your website so people conveniently can get your latest resume.

Wrap up

You have now seen how easy it is to create a good resume that better communicates key points about you to recruiters and other people part of the hiring process.

Good luck with your resume and your applications!

Any feedback, comments or improvement ideas can be sent to Thanks!